Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rockin' old school

I love me some Foo Fighters all the time, but this time, this album, makes me so happy. 

It inspires me to drive, with my windows down and the volume turned up full blast, along PCH or up the 101, just for the fun of listening to it - driving fast and rocking out.  Since I'm back at work I'm actually doing this while inching my way along the 10 Fry, but it makes the long journey home down that 10 mile stretch a lot more fun.

This album takes me back to being a newly sprouted teenager, hanging out in Christy's garage listening to her brother's band, high schools boys with long hair and scruffy beards that we crushed on and idolized as they played Led Zeppelin covers.  I can't remember if they were good or bad - I just remember the energy of the guitars and the drums reverberating off the walls as we sat cross legged on an old couch, trying to be cool and fight the hormone rush that made us want to fling ourselves at them.

Wasting Light is an amazing album, and God bless'em they've released it on vinyl so you can put it on the turntable and dance in your living room.

Get it.

Turn up the volume.

And rock.

It will set you free.



Jamie said...

I saw them in London in July. As always, they were amazing. This album is in constant rotation and this song still knocks the breath right out of me when I hear it.

Susie said...

I know! I would love to see them live - it would totally be worth the trip the chiropractor that would be required after banging my head for almost 3 hours straight.

Jamie said...

I've seen them in Orlando, Portland, L.A. (Skin & Bones acoustic tour), London... and we are going to Jazz Fest to see them in May. Hi my name is Jamie and I have a bit of a Foos problem. You have to see them someday. I promise you it will be worth the chiropractic followup!

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