Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stuff You Should Know

My favorite armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. @Allison Tyler 2012

Some folks claim that the best things in life are free, and if the Stuff You Should Know podcasts (which you could also download from iTunes) are any indication, those folks know of what they speak.

I am in love with Josh and Chuck and their weird, witty, informative and free podcasts about pretty much every damned thing in the world from Jack the Ripper to taxidermy, competitive eating to dead adventurers on Mt. Everest, quantum suicide to dreadlocks to knights, and everything in between.

A creepy podcast I recently listened to, How Lobotomies Work, led me to the hearbreaking and fascinating tale of Howard Dully, and mused me out of my writer's block to begin working on a short story based upon this atrocious medical practice of our not-so-far-off past.

I listen to the podcasts on my subway rides to and from work and often laugh aloud at Josh and Chuck's antics.  I always get off the subway feeling a wee bit smarter than when I got on.  These guys make me happy.  Check them out!



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