Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tea For One

Image of Octavia Tea's Japanese Teapot from their website

A number of years ago, Susie gifted me with this sweet, plump lilac teapot that I have used nearly every single day since she gave it to me.

The teapot has a fine mesh strainer inside that never lets even one leaf of tea into your cup. The lid keeps things hot while the tea is brewing. And it's just so damned cute. It makes a ritual of getting something hot to drink.

Since I've had to reform my caffeine-addicted ways, and I've yet to find a decaf English Breakfast tea that tastes anything like English Breakfast tea (if you know of one, let me know!), I now use my little teapot daily to brew a delicious caffeine-free, coffee-like hot beverage by Tecchino.  My favorite variety is the Java, but I recommend ordering a sample pack and finding your own favorite, they are all delicious.

(Although the product is certified gluten-free, I do as they advise and put a paper coffee filter into my teapot's filter as the 'coffee' brews. For those of you who care about being gluten-free, you can read about this here, but I have NEVER had a problem with Teechino and I drink it every day.)

I love simple, well-designed products that make my life nicer, and rituals that make me pay more attention to what I'm doing instead of just rushing through my day like I'm trying to get rid of it. Thank you, Susie!



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