Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At Witzend

I've driven past it for a while now, but until last Saturday night I'd never stopped in - and I only went this time because my friend Lisa, the princess of play, had a Groupon, and one of our favorite friends, Heather, was flying in from Denver, so we made plans.

The Witzend is a completely cool live music venue on Lincoln Blvd in Venice and I am so glad we found it.  The door charge is only $10 and the Groupon got 2 in for free along with two free pizzas which were very tasty.  All of the food on the menu looked terrific and is very reasonably priced.

I had no expectations because I wasn't really sure what we were doing exactly, so I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the talent on this particular evening.  First up was The Novelists, a group from Reno NV that featured four part harmonies and some solid musicianship and songwriting. 

Next up was Bo the Girl, an adorable girl child who was playing her first show ever.  She is a songwriter, who definitely leans toward love songs and this night she was up on stage with a guitar and a stand up bass.  Although she was nervous and didn't quite have her stage legs under her, she is a very talented song writer and has a sweet voice.  When she told us that she and Noah, the guitar player, are "together and in love and stuff," my jaded heart melted and I was totally rooting for her. If you click on her name you can watch her sing "Tigerlilies," and support her EP on kickstarter.

It was now coming up on 9:30 and I was starting to yawn and make sounds of leaving. Heather had other ideas, having drawn a bead on the next performer, Tyler Conti .  He was fine, I cannot lie.  So we stayed.

Tyler is really talented and very sexy. I think that he has been dwelling in R&B, but he's also got some funk and jam flavor - imagine if Jack Johnson and Usher blended so you got the funky beat with the smooth groove. So glad we stayed for his set, he put on a great show.

I will be going back to Witzend soon and often.  If you are looking for a great time with great talent at a reasonable price, check it out.  Maybe I'll see you there.

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