Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The We Inside of Me

Thinking about the coming year I find that while I have goals - experiences I want to manifest - what is even more important to me is to manage the stresses in my life and spend more time in my happy place.

Thinking about that put me in mind of this Ted talk by Jill Bolte Taylor.  I read her book a few years ago and her talk at Ted is very powerful in that it reminds me that where I live my life from affects the we inside and outside of me.

What she describes as her experience in LaLaLand during her stroke is very much akin to my experience that time I was reading Terrence McKenna and decided to take a "heroic dose" of psyllocibin, e.g more than 6 grams.  Once the nausea abated it was way better than having a stroke and life changing in the sense that, for those hours, I was living in a place with an acute awareness of my connection to everything and when I came down, there was the knowledge that this is true all the time, whether I choose to be in the awareness of it or not.

Once you've been there you can't unknow it.

And once you've gotten that message you can hang up the phone - you don't need to be high to get there - you just need to be quiet.

This year I will spend more time in that peaceful place that exists when I step to the right of my left brained experience of separation.  I will create the time to go there and be there.

This year I will be a peaceful pebble creating ripples that make the world a better place.

So grateful that TED puts these talks out there for all of us, and to Jill for her passion in telling her story and sharing her Stroke of Insight.

Very yummy indeed.


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