Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yummy kisses

As we approach the end of the year I look forward to the next year with bright eyes, ears perked and an expectation that this year will bring all good things.  Like a dog clamboring into the car who is focused on how great it will be to ride with his nose out the window smelling 1000 scents, and has completely forgotten about the last ride where he ended up at the vet.

The fact that I do this every year puts me in the glass half full, there must be a pony in here somewhere crowd, despite the fact that this last year has been one of the worst on so many levels.  I'm not going into it here though - here is for focusing on the good stuff, the things that bring joy, the little things and the big things that happen every day that are just plain yummy.  Today seemed like a good day to start because, well, work is slow and I have the time to go through my list and get started.

We've had Santa Ana winds in this Santa season and my lips are feeling the effect.  For that reason I have been applying my Laura Mercier Sheer Lip color (or colour if you're British, or affected) in Nude so there's not really a color, just delicious moist fabulousness - repeatedly today.  I don't need to apply it that often because it lasts a long time, but I am addicted to the way it smells and even to the way it tastes.

Since I am not three I restrain myself from actually eating it - but it is definitely yummy!

And it will definitely make my New Years lips more kissable.

Happy New Year to you and your lips!


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