Wednesday, January 4, 2012


@Allison Tyler 2012
I was stunned to step out of my apartment and witness the icicle-laden results of last night's three-alarm fire in Inwood upon which over one-hundred-and-thirty of New York's Bravest converged and battled for four hours in the brutal cold before the fire was under control.  Water was still being sprayed on hot spots as of late morning.  Thank you, as always, to our brave men and women of the New York City Fire Department.

Bread and Yoga, Furry Friends (whose two store cats, Smokey and Dino were, thankfully, rescued from the fire and are safe and sound in a new home), Splash Laundromat, Bank of America, Dichter's Pharmacy, Burhan Hardware (recently opened), City Bank, a dentist's office, a lawyer's office, and the old China Buffet were tragically destroyed in the blaze, the origin of which is still undetermined.

@Allison Tyler 2012

I am uncertain of the viability of the remaining neighboring stores and apartment buildings, and send my love and prayers to all involved in the hopes there will be a literal rising from the ashes for everyone affected by this tragedy.

The Inwood community is pulling together and if you're part of that community (or not), feel free to join the Inwood Community Group on Facebook to keep up-to-date on the various efforts being undertaken to help those in need as a result of this fire.



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