Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This weekend I didn't want to get out of my pajamas so I was rummaging in my cupboards, refrigerator and freezer to find something to eat. I had also decided that sugar and I are over, so I wanted something that would be soul satisfying... like a cookie, only healthy.

I found a bag of Farro that I bought last year, some cherry tomatoes that I'd frozen at the end of harvest (that's what I call it although it's only 5 bushes planted next to the neighbor's garage), and a bag of onions.

Googling those things brought up Joy's website and this awesome recipe that she shared there.

While the Farro was cooking I met Joy and fell in love with her cat Jules.

And also with all of her fabulous photos and recipes. Her Farro was gorgeous - mine was not, although it was reeeeeeaaaallly good, so click that link.

It's easy to see why her blog has been awarded all kinds of "bests".

Now that I've found Joy I'm rethinking the total break up with sugar.

I like that she takes the things she bakes and shares with her friends - that's a yummy idea.

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