Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A few years back my friend Behira was visiting from Israel. One day she returned from a walk in the with a pocket full of little round golden fruit that she called "shessik". She peeled it and brought me one to try. It was DELICIOUS!

Turns out that shessik is Hebrew for Loquat and beginning in March they are hanging on trees all over my neighborhood.

I've identified where all the trees are in the neighborhood that are on public property or have branches hanging over the sidewalks and I love grabbing a snack during my morning walks.  And, okay, I'll admit that once or twice, when it was early enough to not get busted, I climbed the fence and filled my pockets with fruit that was technically in someone's backyard.

A perfectly ripe Loquat is sweet and bright on your tongue, like a plum, but with a hint of something citrus-y. The flesh is firm like a mango and oddly, there is more seed than fruit.

I love living in a neighborhood full of snacks and I can't wait to see what the giant fig trees will be offering later this summer.

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