Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time for Wine

Recently my friend Lorena realized a dream.

After years of working in restaurants, she got into the wine business, working for distributors and recently she opened her own wine bar in downtown Los Angeles.

It's called Le Pour Haus.

This all happened very suddenly, although as she says, "I was dreaming this for a long time."

I had patronized the wine bar in it's previous incarnation and enjoyed that experience, but what she is creating is different than any place I've ever been.

And I have been to a lot of wine bars.  That's my preferred libation.

This is her passion and when you go to Le Pour Haus it's as if you are coming into her home.  She pours you a little sip of something sparkling when you sit down and then makes sure that you get a glass of wine that you will enjoy and snacks to go with it.

She's selling the bottles too so when you find something you like you can take it home.

There are games to play while you are imbibing with your friends.  The staff is wonderful and personable.  No wine snobbery here.  In fact no snobbery at all.  I think my favorite thing is the sense of community amongst the habitues.  It's down in the loft district on Industrial Street, so the locals are colorful, eclectic and interesting and everyone is friendly.

More than one person I've taken there has commented that it feels like "Cheers," - you know that place where everybody knows your name.

With the reasonable prices and the lovely proprietess Le Pour Haus is getting rave reviews.  If you're up for a good time and some good wine go see my friend Lorena.

Le Pour Haus
1820 Industrial Street
Los Angeles, CA  90021




Rebecca said...

I'm in! Must check it out. Xo

ClizBiz said...

Ooooh! Promise me we'll go there next time I'm in town.

Susie said...

Yes! It's one of my favorite places. Let's go!

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